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What are the issues when running from Read-Only media (DVD)?

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What are the issues when running from Read-Only media (DVD)?

As PortableApps app files move about when they run, is it not possible to run them from read-only media?

Is there any way I can run PortableApps from a DVD?

Having them to hand on a virtual DVD when setting up a new Hyper-V virtual server would be very useful to me, as they have no USB support.

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A significant number of them can run from CD

If you go to the support page for each app, you will see that some of them include instructions on Running from CD.
This page has links to all the app support pages:
You have to visit each app's support page individually to see if it can run from CD.

Notice that the PortableApps menu does NOT state that it can run from CD.

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