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chkdsk keeps being set on removable HDD

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chkdsk keeps being set on removable HDD

Hi folks

I have a 460Gb removable HDD with 2 partitions, one FAT and one NTFS
Recently the one of the two (or maybe both) of the windows XP machines I use keeps scheduling chkdsk to be run on the drive...
I can do this be releasing handles and running chkdsk in cmd prompt.
easy enough on a windows machine, but when I go to use on a ubuntu machine, the OS wont ewven mount the disk because it detects the windows chkdsk is pending, so no mounty - no fixey...

Does anyone know if this issue can be circumvented on a ubuntu machine or whats causing the chkdsk to keep being scheduled on it?

Thanks peeps

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let the checkdisc finish

NTFS is very notorious for this. if the linux machine notes something wrong it refuses to mount automaticly and when you do get it mounted it will be with read permissions only for root. i have had this issue with FAT32 as well when i unplug some flash drives before they are done. or if there is some powerfailure on the USB hub.

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Try booting to Windoze, open

Try booting to Windoze, open a Command Line window and enter "chkntfs /x ?:" replacing the question mark with Windoze letter designation for the NTFS partition in question. Then switch to Ubuntu and try mounting the drive.

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chkntfs /X ?: with ? as the

chkntfs /X ?: with ? as the letter of the drive will exclude that drive from future drive checks.

It's best to do scans when necessary, but I know that Windows Vista and 7 are notorious for requesting an awful lot of (in my opinion) unnecessary chkdsk scans.


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