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[Spammer] Prayaya V3

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[Spammer] Prayaya V3

I've been looking at the Portable Apps Suite and I wanted to get it for my USB drives. The problem I've been having is compatibility issues with things such as OpenOffice (Microsofts fault...I love OpenOffice). After searching forever to find portable programs, I stumbled upon Prayaya V3. I know its not free, but I tried this program out after learning about MojoPac and I have to say that it is way better. I think that it is faster and you can do a lot more with it, especially because it is not limited to just Windows XP. It can run on XP/Vista/7 flawlessly. Because I travel a lot, I am constantly on the go and because pretty much every place that I’ve been uses Windows, I am always concerned about security, especially because I usually cant restart public computers and boot my own Linux distro. With Prayaya, this eliminates most of the problems. Not only is it secure, its super easy. how do you guys think this compares to PortableApps?

Check it out at [Spam link removed by mod JTH] and let me know what you think. Thanks

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not sure what you want tell us

but there is open office av here too, and the libre office too, and all works not only on xp but on vista and w7 too.
As far as security, if someone told you that he solved all on a software basis, he is telling nonsense as this is not possible and only hardware solutions are worth anything.

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It's Illegal Spam

If you're unfamiliar, Prayaya V3 is a bit of a joke. Last I checked it barely worked and most of the software was included illegally. Originally, all their marketing was a direct rip-off of U3 (Prayaya V3, V3 smartdrive... Sandisk U3, U3 Smartdrive) and they were using modified versions of their trademarks. They're based in China, which makes it harder to address any of those issues, though. I don't even think Prayaya is even supported anymore (it won't work on 1/2 of Windows 7 installs). Their website tries to make them appear like a large well-supported company, but they don't even run their own credit card or fulfillment processor.

They spam here and several other portable software sites regularly and it always reads like the above... about how they tried Mojopac (which is *LONG* dead) and then stumbled on Prayaya V3. They probably tried to put it in the Off Topic forum this time hoping we wouldn't catch it. I'll leave this here just to ensure no one falls for this.

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