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PA.c Launcher 2.1 wont compile launcher

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PA.c Launcher 2.1 wont compile launcher

Cant recompile the launcher with this release, all I get is
a not-so-clear error from NSIS (probably about Language.nsh),
which persists even with simplified *.ini's.

Some interesting lines:
StrCpy $AppNamePortable " Launcher" () ()
StrCpy $MissingFileOrPath "$EXEDIR\App\AppInfo\appinfo.ini" () ()
MessageBox: 16: "$(LauncherFileNotFound)"
!appendfile: "f:\Temp\nst9D.tmp" couldn't be opened.
Error in macro _Case on macroline 11
!include: error in script: "f:\Temp\nst9C.tmp" on line 1
Error in macro LanguageCases on macroline 1
Error in macro Language.nsh_.onInit on macroline 6
Error in macro RunSegment on macroline 12
Error in script "Q:\PortableApps\PortableApps.comLauncher\Other\Source\PortableApps.comLauncher.nsi" on line 170 -- aborting creation process

Both Launcher and NSIS have been reinstalled. Workaround for
now is to include a old launcher made with earlier version 2.0.

Source Repo App/AppInfo: (previous *.ini version, same error)

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It works fine for me.
NSIS log

Previously known as kAlug.

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