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Chris Morgan
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A quick release candidate for 2.1.1 which will fix the tertiary launches failing bug. Please test this to make sure tertiary launches are working properly. Changes can be seen in the 2.1.x branch in the Mercurial repository - see it online.

And the poetry for this release is:

In the Launcher there's a bug!
    Quick! Get the fly spray!
    That won't do much a bug to allay.
Do it anyway! Stop looking so smug!
What does it matter whether beetle or fly or slug?

Download the Launcher 2.1.1 Release Candidate 1 [916KB download / 2.6MB installed]
(MD5: 4cc7fe9627c0a960f48e140c276bec93)

Release Notes:

  • 2.1.1 Release Candidate 1 (2011-07-07): fixed reported bug and incidentally found minor bug, see release notes (that is of the development branch so there are things in the docs there not in this package)

Manual: development (will always contain the dev docs, as I update it whenever I update the manual - unfortunately the SourceForge hg server is restricted, a changegroup hook there failed to connect to my server to trigger the update). stable (currently 2.1).

John T. Haller
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LibreOffice Portable Test

Here's the LibreOffice Portable launcher made with PA.c Launcher 2.1.1 RC 1. Just download it and place it in your LibreOfficePortable directory in place of the current LibreOfficePortable.exe. It should let you launch as many docs as you want by dropping them right on the launcher.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Andy Evans
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I have installed the Launcher

I have installed the Launcher 2.1.1 RC 1 and re-generated the launcher for LibreOfficePortable. It appears to be OK at the moment. If I do get any problems with it I will re-post to this thread. Thanks again for your help.

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Thanks, Chris, for another

Thanks, Chris,
for another release of this great launcher. I have updated my apps from 2.0 and have not seen any problems so far. I have portabilized mainly games for my own private use like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series, the Thief Series, Arx Fatalis and such. They are working flawlessly.



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OT: Wow, I'm very interested

OT: Wow, I'm very interested in these. Could you post the launcher with some infos how you did it for Arx Fatalis (in a new thread)? I played it a lot some while ago and could use a portable version myself (I hope I find my CD-ROM, must be buried at the bottom of my old games drawer...).

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Off Topic

I will post my launcher in another thread as soon as I have the time. First need to make a final chack on my launcher against Portable Apps Format Specification. This would be the first time that I would publish any of my launchers. It will be the launcher only. The final steps to make Arx Fatalis portable need to be done manually with a legal copy of the game. I will post instructions with it.

On a side note: Arx Fatalis is now open source. A patch has been released on January 14th, 2011. Go grab it here:
Also it is recommended to install this unofficial patch to fix problems with the character's walking speed:

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