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Portable Application Assosiation

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Portable Application Assosiation

[illegal site] have done it, so I thought it would be good for PortableApps too.

Basicly,what I would like is a program/feature of the PortableApps Platform that overwrites the default applications that open by clicking on a file with a certain file extension. It should also run when PortableApps Platform starts and exit when PortableApps Platform closes. Also, you should be able to moderfy what app extensions open with which program.

ex: HTML and URL files open with Mozilla Firefox Portable, TXT, LOG, INI, PHP etc open with Notepad++Portable

Just an idea.

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This has been discussed many times before

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That site is illegal

please don't mention it again. We don't permit discussion of illegal sites in these forums (at least by name/link).

Anyway, last I heard, file association is coming soon to the platform. There are other options, however, such as PortableFileAssociator or (my personal favorite) eXpresso

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Separate Apps / Integrated Coming in Pre-Releases

We've always had it available as add-on apps you can run with our platform as originally only a niche set of users was interested. Back with CAFE and CAFE Mod and currently with eXpresso (the successor to CAFE Mod) and Portable File Associator mentioned above. The first of these have been available since before the site you mentioned existed.

As more people have become interested, we are adding it to the platform itself in an upcoming pre-release. We'll have information posted on our homepage, RSS feed, twitter and facebook as soon as we do if you'd like to follow it.

We filtered out the name and link of the site you mentioned. It's an illegal software site that repackages lots of apps without permission. He was also caught distributing apps with our splash screen removed, GPL license removed, source code removed, bookmarks removed in Firefox, etc, trying to pass the work off as his own.

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Ah, okay. I didn't realise that that site was illegal, and sorry about posting a topic that is not new. I am looking forward to seeing more functions added to PortableApps, I use it all the time.

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