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feature request: local help files instead of web-based help

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Bob Bagwill
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feature request: local help files instead of web-based help

I would like to have all the application help files be local, rather than having a local html file with links back to I often use portableapps when I don't have internet access. Thanks.

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Unfortunately we have no

Unfortunately we have no control over how each application elects to share their help files. just creates a wrapper around the existing applications to make them portable.

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John T. Haller
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This is a bit doubtful especially as we will be adding multilingual support to the website and likely switch entirely to online help files so that they can be easily edited by our translators and automatically show the appropriate help file based on the language you have your platform in. The alternative is having a lot more help files within the app itself and having it be out of date rather quickly and lacking languages. Maybe we could make an easy way to pull down the translated help files and be able to view them locally.

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help file download

I think thats a good idea.

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good to have some local get up

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