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proplim on fire fox 5 update

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proplim on fire fox 5 update

i use fire fox 5
but now new version 5.1 i try to make update
but update failed and tell me no new version

but already on Mozilla site have new version

how can i make it work
to upgrade new version


Ken Herbert
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Where are you seeing that 5.1

Where are you seeing that 5.1 is currently out? The official download page still only lists 5.0 as the current release.

In future, if you do see that the official site of an app is showing the release of a new version, but it is not available here, check the Outdated Official PortableApps thread in the Other Apps Support forum. If it isn't listed and no-one else has posted about it, leave a message there, and someone will get to it.

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