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PA next. Possible to change/remove the shortcut?

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PA next. Possible to change/remove the shortcut?


I know you can't please everyone, but I am amongst those that really liked the windows-alt-space shortcut that existed in PR-5 (?). Ctl-alt-space really interferes with the french hard space which is found at altgr-space on my keyboard (French-canadian ISO).

Is it possible to either:
– make sure that it's truly only ctl-alt-space (i.e. the left keys only) serve for the shortcut...
– have a customizable shortcut...
– or more simply an option to remove the shortcut through a switch in the ini file ?

I think I'm ready to move back to the previous pre-release just to get rid of that shortcut!

Thanks... and BTW, I enjoy the platform.

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WIN is a reserved key and simply won't work on many systems. CTRL-SPACE is something we considered as well. It doesn't collide with much common stuff. The only thing I know of offhand is Launchy, which isn't as necessary alongside the Platform's find-as-you-type (no, I'm not calling it a replacement, no need for fans to chime in). It will be customizable in an upcoming release.

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