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ClamWin should check for updated sigs automatically

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ClamWin should check for updated sigs automatically

IMHO ClamWin should have an option to check for updated virus-signatures automatically on startup.

John T. Haller
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Post it to ClamWin

Post a feature request to the ClamWin project. The ClamWin within ClamWin Portable is unmodified (it's compressed, but the source is unaltered). A feature like you want has to be added to the base product, so you'd have to ask them.

For now, it's only a couple clicks to update, so it's not much of an inconvenience.

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Just script the program to

Just script the program to run with --mode=update before!

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I tried executing

I tried executing clamwin.exe with the --mode=update option

But whilst the update does happen. When I click on close, the main winclam window doesn't run.

Not exactly ideal!

So I made a .bat file in the bin folder called 'update.bat'.
It contains 2 lines:
start /wait clamwin.exe --mode=update
start clamwin.exe

I use the app Pstart.exe to be my fav. usb launcher and that allows me to alter the .bat icon to the clamwin portable one.

I'm told that this weekend the next version of Clamwin.exe will alert users that their database is out of date if its more than 1 week old.

So this will hopefully help alert my non-techie users that they need to click on the update icon themselves.
About time.
Non technical people don't understand the concept of database updates and why they need to do them.

Stuart Halliday

Stuart Halliday

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For Linux, there is already a new version (0.90.1).
Lets wait for the win version...

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