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Ken Herbert
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AppCompactor documentation

Was about to complain about not being able to find where the documentation is for the AppCompactor.ini, but finally found it in the Format Spec. Just wondering if it would be a good idea to have a link from the AppCompactor page to that section of the spec?

Also, the links to the homepage in the AppCompactor help file are wrong, they currently point to
when they should be

EDIT: Oh, and also, would it be worth compiling some kind of list of common files or extensions that should be excluded?

Aluísio A. S. G.
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Good idea

Here are some files that should never be compressed:

  • Qt's imageformats DLLs, like qGIF4.dll, qJPEG4.dll, etc., usually in a folder named ImageFormats (present in dynamically linked Qt apps)
  • LibGCC_S_Dw2-1.dll (present in apps compiled using TDM-GCC-Dwarf2)

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AppCompactor HomePage

And since AppCompactor's AppInfo.ini says the HomePage is "", that page should get a URL Redirect to make it forward to


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