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Error message when starting Gimp 2.2.12

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Error message when starting Gimp 2.2.12

When starting Gimp 2.2.12 error-messages are occuring "There is no media in the drive. Please insert media".
With pushing the go-on-button (serveral times....), Gimp is starting.

That error - message occures when starting from harddisk as well as when starting from usb-drive.

Does anyone know a solution for that ?
I am using the "multilingual version"


John T. Haller
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Known Issue

This is a known issue with GTK+ apps (Gaim, GIMP, Gnumeric, etc). It occurs when you have a card reader connected (that reads SD cards, memory stick, compact flash, etc) with no media in the drive. It isn't specific to the portable version. There is no workaround.

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