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Opening software in PA.c Platform 'Next' Pre-Release 3 just downloaded

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Opening software in PA.c Platform 'Next' Pre-Release 3 just downloaded

I have just installed Portable Apps Suite PA.c Platform 'Next' Pre-Release 3 to the root of my flash drive, but have been unable to launch any of the programmes included in the icon list. What should I do?

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install apps

Form your text, I assume you have only installed the Platform. Now yo need applications. You can either download them from the applications directory linked to at the top of this page or use the app downloader built into the platform (Manage apps - Get more Apps).

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Possibly "What Simeon Said", Otherwise: Not Enough Information

If the Platform's Menu does not contain any apps then, as Simeon said, you need to install some apps to the correct place (e.g. X:\PortableApps\AppNamePortable, where Secret is your flash-drive's Drive Letter), if you already have apps installed, but to a different location, just move the AppNamePortable directories (while the app is NOT running, and including everything inside) into X:\PortableApps.

However since I had been writing this before Simeon's post, and had just finished it before I checked to see if someone else had responded before I hit "Save" (and since we can't be certain that your problem is as Simeon surmised till you verify it);
The following is what I had written:

You'll have to describe the problem in a little more detail (i.e. step by step instructions to reproduce the problem), and please also include your OS.
Also, does it report any errors? if so what? if not what does it do?

OffTopic: Perhaps we should have a standard form for filing bugs, something similar to Chrome's bug reporter.

App: Platform
OS version: [from About Windows: Start Button > Run > WINVER > Press Enter]
App version: 2.0 Pre-Release 3
Other versions tested: ¿Did you test any other versions?
Add OK or FAIL after other versions where you have tested this issue:
2.0 B5: 
2.0 PR1: 
2.0 PR2: 

What steps will reproduce the problem?
[please detail every step necessary to reproduce the problem]

What is the expected result?
[please detail the expected behavior]

What happens instead?
[please detail the observed behavior]

Please provide any additional information below:
[any other information you feel could help should go here]


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