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[Request] Utility i-Charger - needed to charge ipads from USB ports

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[Request] Utility i-Charger - needed to charge ipads from USB ports

Hi all,

I've searched and couldn't find anything about this here or elsewhere on the internet. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a portable app out of MSI's iCharger which can be found here:

For those of you who don't know ipads require a higher current (I think that's it) than USB ports would usually supply. That's why you can only charge an ipad with an ipad charging plug (ones from old ipods won't work) and why you can't charge an ipad from your normal computer's USB port (though I'm told you can on a mac) - without switching the unit off completely and even in this instance it can take upwards of 24 hours to get a full charge (compared to 3 hours or so normally and 1 hour to about 80%).

iCharger is a program by MSI which fixes this problem and on ipad connect alters the output such that your ipad will charge as usual. This app would be a lifesaver on a pen drive....

That said it seems to me there's a good chance that this is doing some motherboard level jiggery pockery and might require admin privilages or something??? Hoping it will prove posible!

Thanks for taking the time to read this request all and though I've only finally got round to signing up today I've been a grateful user of this site for years!

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Not Quite Right

What you're saying isn't quite right. The iPad charges off its power adapter or off of a USB port. When they say a 'high power USB port' they mean a powered USB port that supports more than the standard 500mA. 500mA is what the USB spec says a powered USB port should provide. Most desktop and laptop ports provide 500mA per port. Many USB hubs that plug into the wall provide about 1000mA. Apple decided to implement a 1100mA level in their newer computers (after 2007) for specific devices. But, for some dumb reason, left off the ability for the iPad to charge off of standard USB power 500mA. So the iPad simply isn't made to charge from a standard USB port. So, the iPad will charge quickly when used with its 10W adapter, more slowely off a high-powered USB port and not at all off a standard USB port.

MSI's utility you linked to only works for specific MSI desktop motherboards, nothing else. It apparently ups the power to the USB port that an iPad is connected to to ensure it gets enough power.

The bottom line is that the iPad uses a proprietary charging setup and you're going to need to carry it with you.

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Actually what you say agrees

Actually what you say agrees with what I say from everything I can see except you've quoted the actual values for the current and I just alluded to it?

With regard to the specific MSI utility I've successfully used it on three different computers only one of which was actually running an MSI motherboard (My Alienware M11x - which I believe uses an MSI motherboard) - however yes I dare say it's only actually *designed* for use with an approved MSI motherboard....

Still it would be a useful thing to have on a USB pen on the off chance it would work at a public library or something of that ilk just to get a little more juice.

Also as a last tip an ipad WILL contrary to what you read around the place charge from a normal USB port (rather than high powered) but *cannot* do this while the iPad is on. You have to switch it off (and I mean off as opposed to suspend/sleep) then it will charge albeit at a snails pace....that said I have used it in emergencies.

I'm anticipating that this sort of action will need admin privilages or something like that and so may not lend itself to portable conversion?

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