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LastPass Sesame

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LastPass Sesame

Hi all,

I wanted to integrate LastPass Sesame into my flash drive's menu, so I created a PAF installer. If anyone wants it, feel free to download the installer at the link below and install the resulting package by clicking Manage Apps -> Install a New App on your storage medium.

[Link removed; commercial software - mod Chris]

Enjoy! Smile

John T. Haller
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Hey Steven. Thanks for the enthusiasm in putting the build together. Unfortunately, with freeware you need the publisher's permission to distribute a build like that. If you'd like, you can email us your build (Developer contact on the Contact page in About Us) and we can ask LastPass about making it official. They already support both Firefox Portable and Chrome Portable with special extensions just for them, so I'll bet they'll be amenable to it.

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Aluísio A. S. G.
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The download URLs for both the Firefox/Chrome and Firefox/Chrome Portable editions are the same.

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I'm still interested in the

I'm still interested in the paf.exe
could u send me the link plz ?

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