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Opera portable language forget answer

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Opera portable language forget answer

Hy everyone!

I was too problem that the after opera portable install & preferences setting the browser (if i was close the browser) forget the language setting.
I found the answer for this problem.

1. step.: look that what is your language book and file name.

You find it here:
"Where you installed the opera portable\OperaPortable\App\Opera\locale"
Here is your language book & in the book your language file.
Do you have the memory or write the book name and the file name.
Well I'm hungarian person my book name is "hu" & in the book the file name is "hu.lng"

2. step.:
Dou you have an important file an .ini file what name is "operaprefs_default.ini"
You have to find it here:
"Where you installed the opera portable\OperaPortable\App\Opera\operaprefs_default.ini

Open with notepad.
Under the [User Prefs] you find it in the second line:

Language File={Resources}locale\en\en.lng

You have to overwrite it
Language File={Resources}locale\your lng book name\your lng filename.lng
Because I'm hungarian I did overwrite it for this:
Language File={Resources}locale\hu\hu.lng
close the note pad, save over write file.
After you have the setting preferrences but already in your language and after it the opera browser open in your lng.
Thats all.

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Use the Platform

If you use the Platform, Opera Portable will use the language of the Platform. Even run it once from the Platform and thereafter it'll retain that language setting.

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