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TP and U3

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TP and U3

This has probably been answered before but I did not see anything on it while scanning the forum.

I am interested in switching to TP using a U3 thumbdrive. Currently I am using Thunderbird, the same account, on two systems - one at home and the other at work. The first question is how can I merge the two into one and then bring that to TP on the thumbdrive.

The second question concerns TP itself. Is it the same as normal Thunderbird or has some function been taken out of TP to allow it to fit on a thumbdrive?


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First off, moving this topic to the U3 Apps forum. Thunderbird Portable runs from any portable drive or CD. Thunderbird for U3 is for U3 devices. Two different apps.

As for copying, you can copy it by following procedures similar to the ones published for Thunderbird Portable:

The only difference is that the path on your U3 device will be different than if you were using Thunderbird Portable. So, in the instructions, where it says to use the Data\profile directory within Thunderbird Portable, you'd actually use this one:

... where ? is the letter of your U3 device. These directions are a straight copy from local to portable, replacing the portable profile. There is no way to merge two TB profiles automatically. And manually, you need to copy each mail message and setting between the two individually, which is more involved than I can explain here.

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