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Suggestion - Configurable Hot Key

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Suggestion - Configurable Hot Key


I have a new suggestion for the Portable Apps Platform.
In following I write PAP for "Portable Apps Platform".
By the way: I am using the version 4.2 of the PAP.

At the moment the hot key to display the PAP is [CTRL]+[ALT]+[SPACE].
It would be fantastic if I could configure this hot key in the preferences.
Useful if this hot key is already used by other applications or of I just want to have an other hot key.



Gord Caswell
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It's coming

This is already planned:

Platform 'Next' Pre-Release Bug Reports
Known / Confirmed Issues (Additional reports about these are not needed and will be deleted)
CTRL-ALT-SPACE Hotkey can conflict with some apps, add option to disable/change

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