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490 important emails lost thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird Portable

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Barney Simpson
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490 important emails lost thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird Portable

Hi everybody,
I used Thunderbird Portable to download mail (POP3). I've set up the account, and the program started merrily to download the mails (490 mails, about 1Gig). I've noticed that the subject of the message were not showing in the program window while downloading, but I thought it was not relevant.
At the end of the download, there are no email messages in the program. So I close and restart thunderbird.
It does search for other messages, and the messages start to show themselves in the program window, but they are now only 19!
Yes, it happened. the former 490 messages were lost, they are not in the computer anymore...
The strange thing is that thunderbird created a folder in the "%appdata%" with another folder called "Crash Reports", and a file in it "InstallTime20111105021620"
with the content of this number: "1322734085". Could that be the problem?


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ask your provider for the backups?

any reputable one would have last night's or last weeks' copies, right?

Also, when I am downloading, it also says "downloading messages ..." and I see the green bar go back and forth showing it was downloading.

Are those 19 part of the same group that you lost some of them in? Any reason/rhyme to them like they were the first 19 or last 19 of the list?

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mail size?

what size has the folder called Mail in your profile folder?

Did you set the TB to delete all downloaded messages immediately or not?

The files where mails are stored are in plain text format. Can you make search in them for such mails which you assume to be lost?

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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