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64 bit versions of Portable Apps

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64 bit versions of Portable Apps

I am just wondering if there are any of the Portable Apps that are 64bit specefic. I think that all of them are currently 32bit & to some extent that makes sense as it give the developers a broader range of apps & potential. However I also think that is a dwindling process & was wondering about a fork to 64bit.

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Where Appropriate

We already do it where it is appropriate (performance) or necessary (compatibility). For the majority of apps, it's not worth the effort or disk space as there's no benefit. Complete details are here:

The majority of computers are running a 32-bit OS. If we went 64-bit only, the apps would simply fail to even start or produce a meaningful error on the majority of PCs. Dual mode for every app would mean doubling (or more) the time to download and install and doubling the amount of disk space used for near-zero benefit in the case of most apps.

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