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Invalid Category for "Eraser" and "EraserDrop"

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Invalid Category for "Eraser" and "EraserDrop"


I downloaded "Eraser" and "EraserDrop" via the PAP (Portable Apps Plattform) 10.0.1.
On the web page and on the download window those applications are listed in the category "Security".

After downloading them and going in the PAP to "-> All Portable Apps" they are listed in the category "Utilites".
I would expect them to be at "Security".

I know that I can change the category manually.
This is not the point.
I just ask if the category should be "Security" when the apps are downloaded.



Chris Morgan
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Thanks; this one's known about and is noted at (don't worry, I wouldn't expect you to find it!). It may be some time before it gets updated, though, as Eraser is now .NET, and we're not doing .NET apps at present, so there will be no new versions of the app, and so when we fix this (with a revision) we'll probably take the chance to update the whole package (to use the newer Launcher).

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