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Query from new user re: right-hane menu

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Query from new user re: right-hane menu

Apologies in advance if this has been already answered, but I just started using the PA Platform ....

My question: how can I change the list of frequently used folder list (currently "Documents" "Music" Pictures" etc.) to a list of my own choice?


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You can't...

At least not for now. It's an upcoming feature.

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Welcome to PortableApps!

Yes, that is an oft requested feature, but not yet available, as kAlug has said.
While it has been discussed before, this is an extremely active forum, so finding out what people have talked about already is a bit daunting.
There's a Search box in the upper right, which is useful, but it's not the greatest search engine. Still, that's a good place to start.
You can pick through John T Haller's blog ( to see a bunch of his release announcements.
In looking for past feature requests for the platform, you also may notice that the numbering has changed - earlier versions were 1.0, 1.6, etc, followed by a long extended beta/pre-release 2.0 period... after 2.0 Pre-release 4.1, they started calling it "Next" Pre-release 4.2, but the final release was 10.
Browse through the individual topic forums, check out the development pages, etc. and you'll find a wealth of info.

Once again, welcome!

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