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Problems installing Firefox Portable v3.6.5

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Problems installing Firefox Portable v3.6.5

In order to use TiddlyWiki and work around security issues, I need to use pre-4 Firefox, so I'm trying to install it on my USB drive from However, there are some things that are not working for me and I could use a few more pointers.

1. I installed FirefoxPortableLegacy36_3.6.25_English.paf.exe into my F:\FirefoxPortable directory as FirefoxPortable.exe. I copied the FirefoxPortable.ini file to the same location and modified it to allow MultipleInstances of Firefox (I usually run 9.0.1 for general stuff). This seems to work, but I'm wondering if I've fully set it up.

2. I also installed FirefoxPortable2ndProfile_1.0.paf.exe in the F:\ directory and tried to set it up. However, whenever I try to run the FirefoxPortable2ndProfile.exe, I get an error that Firefox is already running (the 9.01 version is running). I thought the above change to the ini would take care of this. What am I missing?

3. In order to separate my Tiddlywiki files from other files, I wanted to change their extension to PHTML and configure PHTML to start up the portable Firefox. I had this working, but now it has stopped for some reason. When I click on a PHML and check its Properties, it says that it opens with an "Unknown Application". I try browsing to the FirefoxPortable.exe on my USB drive, but I can't get it to accept that as the way to open the file. Any ideas why?

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Try Google Chrome Portable

It's a browser specially built for this kind of work.

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There is a setting in later Firefox builds in about:config that can be adjusted to do this. I can't recall what it is offhand, though.

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