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Menus-editing and comments

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Menus-editing and comments

Hi all,

I really like how the new menu system includes categories. So much easier to manage. I have a couple of questions today related to the menu.

1) Is it possible for me/anyone to somehow go into the application and modify the category it is under? (Perhaps I want finer details.)
2) Can I nest categories?
3) Can I have comments associated with the app name? My idea here is this: On the "Get Apps" page, there is a very short blurb that describes the app. I'd love to have that built-in to the menu somehow. Maybe hover over the app name? I do tech support and I want to have as many tools avaiable as possible, but I might not remember WHICH app does the task I need.

Thanks for the great work!

Gord Caswell
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Yes, No, No

1. Yes, this is possible. Simply right-click on any application, go to Category, and you can change the category, or add a new category.

2. Not at the moment

3. Not at the moment, but may be coming in the future.

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