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PuTTY Portable Extra Tools

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PuTTY Portable Extra Tools

I needed extra tools to run PuTTY portable with Emacs, so I packaged many of the extra tools as add-ons to PuTTY portable

The source is located at:

The installer is here:

Copied from org-export of the README:

PuTTYPortable Extensions Needed for Emacs


I created this package to use PuTTY portable with emacs. That way I
can use TRAMP and git easier. However this may be useful for many
other people who use PuTTY.

Emacs Needs

To use TRAMP, Emacs may need the almost the complete putty package, or

  • pscp?
  • psftp?
  • plink
  • Pageant
  • PuTTYgen

These are included here and upxed. I have also changed PuTTy to Putty
tray and upxed it as well. I have made an installer.

How this works

This renames the original putty executable and gives a fake putty
executable that chooses to run Putty, pageant or both.

This executable by default loads keys in the following directories:

  • Data/keys: This allows PuTTYPortable to carry around all its keys
    like a portable app should..
  • USB:/Documents/keys: While outside of the portable app, you may
    wish to keep your keys in your Documents directory

Additional Programs

Starts Pageant after loading the Portable
Settings. The Default keys will be loaded as well. However, you
can specify additional keys by PageantPortable.exe newkey.
Note that if it is already in the list of keys, it will only load
Starts Pageant like above. After
Pageant has started, PuTTY then starts. If pageant is already
running, just start PuTTY.
Putty gen generation and import/export. Its
portable, so it isn't run through the default
registry relocation process.
Fake putty that runs Pageant, Putty or both.
The real putty is renamed to App/putty/putty-real.exe
Putty's answer to ssh. If Pageant is
running, it uses all the registry settings from
Putty's secure copy. I have included
scp.bat to call pscp.exe for those who would rather use the
"default" command.
Putty's secure ftp. I have included
sftp.bat to call psftp.exe for those who would rather use the
"default" command.