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[Fixed] Portable Apps Update process needs a different User-Agent

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[Fixed] Portable Apps Update process needs a different User-Agent

I'm using 10.0.1.

An update of one of my portable apps tripped one of our IDS signatures. The signature triggers on a user-agent string known to be used by various malware.

SRC: GET /project/portableapps/Google%20Chrome%20Portable/Additional%20Versions/GoogleChromePortable_17.0.963.46_online.paf.exe HTTP/1.1
SRC: User-Agent: NSIS_Inetc (Mozilla)
SRC: Host:
SRC: Pragma: no-cache
SRC: X-Forwarded-For:
SRC: Connection: Keep-Alive

Link to the IDS rule:

My advice would be to change the portable app update tool and have it provide it's own User-Agent string.

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That's the standard NSIS downloading plugin used by virtually all NSIS online installers. That's like blocking a message box that yells out "Hello World!" Pardon

Sure, viruses can download stuff and upload tracking information, but that can be done with any language as well. I really don't think NSIS_Inetc should be blocked.

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Fixed in 10.1

A different useragent is used in 10.1 that should alleviate this issue in most strict corporate environments.

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