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Post-Install and Post-Update Hook

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Post-Install and Post-Update Hook


I would like to optmize / customize PA installations, e.g. remove unneeded locales, adjust some ini file settings and so on.

I did not find any way to put a custom script anywhere in the installation / updating pipeline without recompiling nsis installer - but I do not want a fork, I want a way to customize things.

Is there any post-install and / or post-update hook mechanism like known from other software deployment systems?

If not (did you forget about this?) - what is the best way to make a proposal for such an infrastructure enhancement? I would appreciate it if anybody who is more familiar with the PA development process would like to forward this proposal to the best place to be, THANKS!

It would be very useful and could also bring portableapps deployment mechanism much nearer to a generic software deployment solution.

Maybe further down the road it would be useful to implement "dependencies" - however, post-install & post-update hooks would be a first step into a direction, that already has some very well-established positive working examples.

If you would like to study good examples of / pitfalls / usecases related to "installing and updating software" I would like to recommend taking a look into the debian packaging system.