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[Fixed] SRWare Iron Portable: Language settings has no effect

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[Fixed] SRWare Iron Portable: Language settings has no effect


I'm not sure if there is a similar topic about the Iron browser an the language setting.

The problem

I could not change the language of the SRWare Iron Portable from English to German.

What I'm using Platform 10.0.1 (Language German)
Language: German / Deutsch
Option "Use this language for all portable apps" is activated

What I did

  1. Install SRWare Iron 17.0.1000.0 (Developer Build 120000 Windows)
  2. Start Iron in PortableApps: Iron's language is english
  3. Select Options > Under the Hood > Web content > Language and spell checker settings

    => English (United States) is activated by default.
    => The setting "Use this language for all portable apps" has no effect in this case.

  4. Adding the language "German (Germany) - Deutsch (Deutschland)"

    => "German (Germany)" cannot used for SRWare Iron. ???

  5. Select "German" and "Display SRWare Iron in this language".
  6. Following the message: "Please close all Iron windows and relaunch Iron for this change to take effect."

    => Iron UI is still in english
    => Checking language settings in Iron again: "English (United States)" is activated again. ???

Ok.... second test:

  1. Change the language setting to "German" again (see process above).
  2. Close the Iron browser.
  3. Restart the Iron browser from file system (Directory "PortableApps\IronPortable\IronPortable.exe")

    => Iron UI is in german. !!!

  4. Starting Iron browser from Platform

    => Iron UI is in english. !!!


I found a similar problem for PhotoFiltre Portable that has also this problem.

  1. Open the file "IronPortable.ini" in the directory "PortableApps\IronPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher"
  2. Change key "DefaultIfNotExists" in section "[Language]" to "de"

    => When starting the Iron browser using the Platform, the UI is in german.

I'm new at the Platform and I'm not such deep in the technical structure and background of this Platform.


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In App\AppInfo\Launcher\IronPortable.ini, change the line:




In the beginning, Chrome stored the locales as resources in DLL files on Windows, and as data pack (PAK) files on Linux/Mac.
A few milestones ago, Chrome developers decided to switch to PAK files on Windows too. Both DLLs and PAKs coexisted in the locales directory.
Now the change is complete and they ditched the DLLs, but we still use them to detect the presence of a locale.

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Fixed in 18.0.1050.0

This is fixed in the current release. Thanks kalug for tracking it down.

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