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File Association, LibreOffice, Windows 7

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File Association, LibreOffice, Windows 7

Is it OK now to associate Libre Office files (.odt) with the Libre Office portable app?

I know it was shunned earlier, because by doing that, your associating the file with the the app and not the launcher, but I read in the forums that there were plans to integrate file associations with portable apps. I wasn't sure what the status of that was.

It's confusing because, in Windows 7 (64-bit), I can choose to associate .odt files with "Libre Office Writer Portable." The File Properties dialog then reads "Libre Office Writer Portable" as the program that opens the odt file. It suggests that the file *is* associated with the actual portable app launcher.

Hope someone can clarify. Thanks in advance!

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Come'on! Surely, someone must know!


Thanks in advance.

Gord Caswell
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Yes, it's safe to associate with LibreOfficePortable.exe . With that said, I suggest holding off on doing so now, as file association is coming within the Platform itself soon.

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Thanks for the response. Very much appreciated. Keep up the awesome work!

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associate to *portable.exe

you can associate to the *portable.exe , it works fine here.

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Launcher is ok, separate applications are not.


Note that it seems that this is not fully working anymore.

I can associate .odt file with LibreOfficePortable.exe

I cannot associate .odt file with LibreOfficeWriterPortable.exe, which won't appear in the Programs list once selected in the "Open With" dialog box.

a+, Smile

Configuration :
LibreOfficePortable v4.0.2 on Windows 7

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reverting application lauchers fix

I had the same problem getting individual application launchers to work. Eventually I replaced the v4.x launchers with the v3.64 launchers. File associations and Send-To clicks work fine now.

Using LibreOfficePortable v4.1.0 on Windows XP

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