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PA shortcut creator (for any file format and folders)

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PA shortcut creator (for any file format and folders)

Hi everyone,

I am a new member, and have recently found Firstly thanks to developers.
I have developed a small app to automatically create PA shortcuts. I thought it might be useful for someone else as well.

I have applications that I don't want to place under the "portableapps" folder. Also I want to have shortcuts to some of my folders and files that are not ".exe' files (e.g. jar files). So I developed a small app using AutoHotKey. It is very simple to use:
1. Run the exe file
2. Choose the target file or folder and your preferred icon file. Then press "Generate".
3. Done: The application automatically creates a folder with the same name as your target file or folder under "PortableApps" folder and puts a "exe" shortcut file with the same name in this folder. All you need to do is to "Refresh App Icons" from the Platform.

Download link:

[Terminology corrected: "PAL" is the Launcher; the Platform was intended - mod Chris]