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Card Game - XMSOL

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Dan Beale
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Card Game - XMSOL

Petr Laštovička's website has some games released under a "reciprocal public license".

XMSOL.EXE is an excellent collection of solitaire card games that would be suitable - and simple - for portable apps wrapping.

The license is a bit confusing, but I don't think it'd prevent protable apps use. And I'm sure that Petr would be pleased about many people using his apps.

Petr Laštovička's website

Reciprocal Public License


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Looks good, but what I would really love to see would be a Portable Apps version of PySol--IMHO best GPL'd solitaire suite out there.

Ryan McCue
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that would be Python, wouldn't it?
Is Python portable?
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John T. Haller
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It can be

I'm working on a portable PySol with the help of another Python programmer.

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