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Ive never seen this one mentioned yet on

The installation of MSN Messenger becomes more and more heavy, especially since it became Windows Live Messenger. Then how to continue using MSN but in weight plucks?

That’s why pixaMSN exists: it’s a neat little portable MSN Messenger Clone. Unlike MSN Messenger, PixaMSN writes no files to your hard disk or registry so it can be stored and run completely from a portable device such as a USB flash drive. This Portable Instant Messenger will automatically log you in as invisible to other users so no one knows your online. Once your logged in, you can remove yourself from invisible mode and start chatting with your friends online.

PixaMSN is not a “remake” of MSN Messenger, but just his light version. He writes nothing on your hard disk and nothing in registry.

The source code is released under the GNU LGPL Licence.