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Can't see Launcher after starting an app

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Can't see Launcher after starting an app

Once I have launched an app from the PortableApps Menu, the launcher hides itself and I can't find it anymore.

It used to be available in the Alt-Tab menu but not the taskbar. Now, it's nowhere to be found.
I'm running XP on a school computer, so no/limited debugging possible.
Any idea what's happening? It's a real pain to open the apps using their actual .exe files, and when I do use this I have to eject it while it's still going; not a good practice.

Gord Caswell
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The platform hides automatically. Use Ctrl+Alt+Space to show it again.

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Stay visible

You can let the menu remain visible until you hide it with [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Space]. I am an old user, too, and I just was told how (in another thread). See

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