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Documents folder in an encrypted partition

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Documents folder in an encrypted partition

I came across a thread that talked about the ability to move the default "Documents" folder location on the thumbdrive, and it stated that the ability was scheduled for a future release. That's awesome, and I have a suggestion for that feature:

If at all possible, make it possible to move the default location to a different, BUT relative partition. My problem is that I use a hardware encrypted thumbdrive that creates a "Public" and a "Secure" partition. these are virtually always drive letter and drive letter +1 (i.e. d:\ & e:\). I use my thumbdrive on multiple computers so having the drive letter hard coded wouldn't work, but if there is any way to move the default "Documents" location into the secure partition, and have the "Documents" link (and therefore the "music", "pictures" & "Videos" link as well) on the menu access the secured partition storage location.

I realize the drive letters will (may) change with each different computer, so the menu link would have to be realtive (i.e. Apps Drive letter = D:, then data drive letter = E: OR E: & F:, etc.)

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If you're using an encrypted drive, you should place the entire PA.c Platform on the encrypted partition. That way your apps will be secure, too. You'll likely have more important stuff (passwords in your email client and browser, email addresses, etc) in your apps than in your Documents folder anyway.

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