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Forget my PASSWORD!

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Forget my PASSWORD!

Hi, my friends,
For a while ago I encrypted my private pictures, and today I would see them, but can not remember my password! I have tried all the possible variants of password I often use to no avail! Are there other options to reset password? It should be such an opportunity, I think! Please help me and thank you in advance!
a desperate

John T. Haller
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As a secure encryption app, there is no workaround or ability to recover encrypted data without the password. This is by design. If there were a workaround, it wouldn't be secure. It can only be cracked using brute force, which I think would take up to 10 years in current-day computer time.

I would suggest trying other passwords (you may have used one different from your standard one) or failing that, restore from a semi-recent backup.

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And, start using KeePass. Either the portable- or original version.

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