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Automatic Update of Beta Apps

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Automatic Update of Beta Apps


I am using many Beta Apps from the Beta-Applications Page (

Today I started MP3Tag and I received an update message form MP3Tag (MP3Tag told me that there is a new version is available).
So I checked just some of my beta apps and saw that many of them have been updated (like FreeFileSync, Screenshot Captor, Lazarus).

In the forum topics of many beta apps I asked to release the app as a official portable version (so they update automatically).
But nothing happened.

Many of my "small tools" I use (like Launchy, Speccy, FreeFileSync, Screenshot Captor, Vista Switcher) are beta apps.
But those apps do not get automatic updates.
I do not want to check all my beta apps manually.

Please also update beta apps via the Portable Apps Launcher.
Checking them manually is a mess.
Thank you!



Ken Herbert
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Too hard to do.

A few reasons:
1) There are hundreds (thousands?) of apps in beta, and the database for the updater is manually updated by John himself. Adding all the beta apps would take so much of his time that he would never have time to update the platform or make the money he needs for hosting costs.
2) Allowing anybody to modify the database would expose all of us to viruses and malware, as anybody could post a virus-filled app that has the same AppId as another good beta app.
3) A lot of beta apps do not get updated regularly, and some never get updated at all. John doesn't want or need the hassle of people complaining when a beta app isn't at the latest version.
4) Beta apps are hosted across too many different hosting sites, dropbox folders, developer websites etc. to keep track of. A lot of them will not support the silent download system that the updater uses.

I'm sure there are other reasons too, but those are enough for it to never happen, I think.

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When you get a beta app and test it, comment on the topic with a "It works well." or something. Then, you'll get updates in My Recent Posts when the dev updates it. Or, if you prefer email updates just subscribe to it. Although I think the former is a better choice.

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Solution: UpdateScanner


I found a suitable solution: the Firefox Add-On UpdateScanner.

I select on any web page to "Watch this page for changes" from the context menu.
UpdateScanner then checks the web pages for changes highlights the changed passages.
Very comfortable.
And very useful for forums postings.

Last question:
Is there a way to get a list of all my installed portable apps where also the version numbers are mentioned?
A list where I see all my Beta apps would be fantastic.



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