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GIMP Potable Compromise?

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GIMP Potable Compromise?


I am totally new to using GIMP.

I just downloaded GIMP Portable.

The set up looks different then what I expected.

Is the PortableApps site the offical site to download GIMP Portable?

Also I have been told that using the portable version would be compromising functionality?

Can someone clarify these things for me?

Thank you

John T. Haller
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Different How?

Different how? The screenshot is right on the page you download from. Or were you expecting a single window (in which case, select Windows - Single Window Mode).

This is the official site for GIMP Portable. There are other portable versions of GIMP floating around on other sites, but this is the original, the best maintained and has the most features.

No features are compromised by using the portable version. You can even add in Python to it just like the local version.

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Last seen: 10 years 7 months ago
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Thank you I am not very

Thank you

I am not very computer savey and am totally new to GIMP.

After I downloaded the program on Saturday the set up did not look the same as it did in the book and tutorials I am using.

This is a brand new book for 2.8.

I have a few forums I can ask questions on.

The I question posted was from a response I received.

The person who responded certainly did not know what he was talking about.

So again thank you for response and resolving the matter for me.

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