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Sunbird: Things we'd like to see

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Sunbird: Things we'd like to see

Hi, not a coder at all, I just service computers and do some data recovery. Our company is roadtesting a small suite of portable apps, most in pretty good levels of development. Sunbird has such awesome potential. I'd just like to offer a few humble suggestions to the guys who write the code on features we'd like to see as the product gets more stable and more functional.

undo delete event. (that has to be number one.) limited to a single session of course, but the capacity to go "oh wait, I didn't mean to delete all those, just that one" and undo your mistake would be priceless.

custom keymap. Like in the gimp, how you can assign a new keyboard shortcut to often used functions. easily. without opening an editor, just by right clicking a highlighted menu item and selecting "map key"

edit panel allows you to change what calander an even appears on. Either that, or I could learn to stop adding business events to my (default) personal calender all the time Wink

I've also worked in journalism a little and I'd be happy to work on english language documentation for some of these portable apps, help files and so on, just to feel like I'm helping a bit.

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is the wrong support forums. just packages it. See the official support forums for Sunbird.
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