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[Closed] Newest update does not work in Linux/wine

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[Closed] Newest update does not work in Linux/wine

Duplicate of:

Just upgraded Thunderbird and tried to read email and it crashed, so re-started and it crashed again. So re-booted to windows and started it and it worked. So went back to Linux and it crashed again... Been using this for the last 6 years, normally very happy with the product, this is the only time I've not been..

Error message as follows:

Unhandled exception: unimplemented function msvcp80.dll.??0?$basic_ifstream@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@@std@@QAE@XZ called in 32-bit code (0x7b83aa52).
Register dump:
CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b
EIP:7b83aa52 ESP:0033fafc EBP:0033fb60 EFLAGS:00000246( - -- I Z- -P- )
EAX:7b826b15 EBX:7b8a4ff4 ECX:00000000 EDX:80000100
ESI:80000100 EDI:00411274
Stack dump:
0x0033fafc: 0033fb80 00000008 0000003c 80000100
0x0033fb0c: 00000001 00000000 7b83aa52 00000002
0x0033fb1c: 7e61e3a4 7e6217c2 00000000 00000000
0x0033fb2c: 00000000 00000000 00110014 00000000
0x0033fb3c: 00000000 7bc495bd 7e4f5ff4 001344c8
0x0033fb4c: 0000008c 0033fba0 7b83aa0a 00000001
=>0 0x7b83aa52 in kernel32 (+0x2aa52) (0x0033fb60)
1 0x7e61e348 in msvcp80 (+0x1e347) (0x0033fb90)
2 0x7e60e789 in msvcp80 (+0xe788) (0x0033fbcc)
3 0x004053c2 in crashreporter (+0x53c1) (0x0033fbcc)
4 0x00402d10 in crashreporter (+0x2d0f) (0x0033fc38)
5 0x00403b51 in crashreporter (+0x3b50) (0x0033fd14)
6 0x0033fd58 (0x0033fdbc)
7 0x00130000 (0x7e4d71ce)
0x7b83aa52: subl $4,%esp
Module Address Debug info Name (70 modules)
PE 400000- 41d000 Export crashreporter
ELF 7b800000-7ba25000 Dwarf kernel32
\-PE 7b810000-7ba25000 \ kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7bcd4000 Deferred ntdll
\-PE 7bc10000-7bcd4000 \ ntdll
ELF 7bf00000-7bf04000 Deferred
ELF 7dae3000-7db61000 Deferred rpcrt4
\-PE 7daf0000-7db61000 \ rpcrt4
ELF 7db61000-7dc8a000 Deferred ole32
\-PE 7db80000-7dc8a000 \ ole32
ELF 7dd3f000-7dd75000 Deferred uxtheme
\-PE 7dd50000-7dd75000 \ uxtheme
ELF 7dd75000-7dd7f000 Deferred
ELF 7de82000-7dfcd000 Deferred
ELF 7dfcd000-7e000000 Deferred
ELF 7e100000-7e10f000 Deferred
ELF 7e10f000-7e112000 Deferred
ELF 7e112000-7e11a000 Deferred
ELF 7e11a000-7e13e000 Deferred imm32
\-PE 7e120000-7e13e000 \ imm32
ELF 7e13e000-7e15d000 Deferred
ELF 7e15d000-7e176000 Deferred
ELF 7e176000-7e2b1000 Deferred
ELF 7e2b1000-7e2c2000 Deferred
ELF 7e2e4000-7e2ee000 Deferred
ELF 7e2ee000-7e38b000 Deferred winex11
\-PE 7e300000-7e38b000 \ winex11
ELF 7e38b000-7e40a000 Deferred
ELF 7e40a000-7e439000 Deferred msvcr90
\-PE 7e410000-7e439000 \ msvcr90
ELF 7e439000-7e464000 Deferred msvcr80
\-PE 7e440000-7e464000 \ msvcr80
ELF 7e464000-7e4ff000 Deferred msvcrt
\-PE 7e480000-7e4ff000 \ msvcrt
ELF 7e4ff000-7e5f5000 Deferred msvcp90
\-PE 7e520000-7e5f5000 \ msvcp90
ELF 7e5f5000-7e69e000 Dwarf msvcp80
\-PE 7e600000-7e69e000 \ msvcp80
ELF 7e69e000-7e6c5000 Deferred mpr
\-PE 7e6a0000-7e6c5000 \ mpr
ELF 7e6c5000-7e6dd000 Deferred
ELF 7e6dd000-7e752000 Deferred wininet
\-PE 7e6f0000-7e752000 \ wininet
ELF 7e752000-7e7c5000 Deferred shlwapi
\-PE 7e760000-7e7c5000 \ shlwapi
ELF 7e7c5000-7e9e9000 Deferred shell32
\-PE 7e7d0000-7e9e9000 \ shell32
ELF 7e9e9000-7eaee000 Deferred comctl32
\-PE 7e9f0000-7eaee000 \ comctl32
ELF 7eaee000-7eb08000 Deferred version
\-PE 7eaf0000-7eb08000 \ version
ELF 7eb08000-7eb71000 Deferred advapi32
\-PE 7eb10000-7eb71000 \ advapi32
ELF 7eb71000-7ec3e000 Deferred gdi32
\-PE 7eb80000-7ec3e000 \ gdi32
ELF 7ec3e000-7ed91000 Deferred user32
\-PE 7ec50000-7ed91000 \ user32
ELF 7efc6000-7efec000 Deferred
ELF 7effb000-7f000000 Deferred
ELF b7401000-b7406000 Deferred
ELF b7406000-b7409000 Deferred
ELF b7409000-b740f000 Deferred
ELF b7411000-b7415000 Deferred
ELF b7415000-b757d000 Deferred
ELF b757d000-b7596000 Deferred
ELF b7596000-b76da000 Dwarf
ELF b76db000-b76de000 Deferred
ELF b76de000-b76e6000 Deferred
ELF b76ef000-b770c000 Deferred
ELF ffffe000-fffff000 Deferred [vdso].so
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
0000000e services.exe
00000040 0
0000003e 0
0000001d 0
00000017 0
00000015 0
00000010 0
0000000f 0
00000012 winedevice.exe
00000019 0
00000018 0
00000014 0
00000013 0
0000001a plugplay.exe
0000001f 0
0000001c 0
0000001b 0
00000020 explorer.exe
00000021 0
0000003d (D) F:\ThunderbirdPortable\App\Thunderbird\crashreporter.exe
0000003f 0