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FF portable impossible to update plugins

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FF portable impossible to update plugins

I don't know what's going on.

In the portable apps folder with firefox there are actually 2 folders with a plugins_readme file that says "Put your plugins here". One is in data/plugins and the other is in app/defaultdata/plugins

So I started to move 2 files to data/plugins to get the flash player working. And I guess it made it work.

And when I browsed google earth it also required a plugin, and on the C drive in the installed firefox there I found the plugin and move it, so that also worked.

There were lots of other plugins and so I moved them too.

But ever since that I've been giving notifications on the about plugins that need to be updated.

So I updated the flashplayer, it worked but only if I run the updatefile from the portable drive. And the plugincheckpage would then showed it as updated but only until next time I connected the portable to another computer.

So I erased everything in the plugins directories, but the flash player still worked. And there were still plugins who needed updating on the updatepagecheck. I even erased the commonfiles with java, but it's still there some how.

So I installed a new firefox in the portableapps/firefox/apps/firefox as one suggested and it seemed to update everything. Until I connected the portable drive to another computer.

But last time I updated the flash driver it was v.11 now it was back to v.10. So what is going on?

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Scans local machine

Firefox (and Portable) will scan several locations for plugins. You can modify that behavior so that it looks to the install folders only. Here's a Mozilla knowledge base article about it:

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