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UI Customisation & restricted installs with automatic Silent/Background Updates

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UI Customisation & restricted installs with automatic Silent/Background Updates

i want to know if the Portable apps platform can be customized easily to have restricted app installs and be able to do background updates of non-active apps. the reason i ask is i am working at a school and i want to implement the portable apps platform so every user will have their app settings saved on their network home directory and not on the local machine, but i don't want them to be able to install the games and such that can be installed with the platform.

any ideas?

thanks in advanced!

Marty Mooney

John T. Haller
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It is possible to do some of this with an OEM setup. We have the ability for folks to do branded versions of the PA.c platform for a small fee and some abilities like restricting certain parts of the app store and requiring updates are available in that scenario. You can contact us via our business development info on our Contact page for more information.

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