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[Fixed] Section [LanguageStrings] incomplete in the file qBittorrentPortable.ini

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[Fixed] Section [LanguageStrings] incomplete in the file qBittorrentPortable.ini

In another post with the subject revised version qBittorrent Portable 2.9.11 Rev 2 I have described a complete section [LanguageStrings]. In this section are included among others the following languages​​:

  1. PortugueseBR (entry: pt_BR=pt_BR)
  2. SimpChinese (entry: zh_CN=zh_CN)
  3. TradChinese (entry: zh_TW=zh_TW)

In the now offered version qBittorrent Portable 2.9.11 Rev 2 are not contained these 3 entries. That's obviously a failure.

It should also be mentioned, that currently the entries "hy = hy_AM" and "ka=ka_GE" have no effect, since the corresponding values "hy" and "ka" for the language variable does not exist. Accordingly appears after the selection of these languages​​ the language English. However, these entries can remain for the case, that in future are added these two values​​ in the language table.

Again I would like to point out another mistake. It's impossible to uninstall the app in the PA.c Menu. After a right click on the app and the choice of the entry "Uninstall" the app still remain in the PA.c Menu. Only about the Windows Explorer I can search for the folder qBittorrentPortable and afterwards delete this folder.

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It was a mistake while typing out. I'm building a fix right now.

[EDIT] I've sent a fix for the missing languages. I'm not sure what the issue is with uninstalling. Maybe John can shed some insight?

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