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New App: Minitube

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New App: Minitube

I love my Minitube, there is a Linux version and windows version. what i like about Minitube i can search Youtube by relevance or channel and then watch the video. On my Ubuntu I can download the video, for my windows version I had to pay because it downloads the video as mp4 file, but it is great. I thought it would be great to have a portable version as well.


Timko Mathiasen

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As the Windows version is

As the Windows version is commercial software, it can't legally be made portable here, unless the developer of Minitube approaches John about it and they can come to a business agreement.

However, if you could find someone interested in modifying the Linux source and compiling it for Windows, then it would be perfectly legal.

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free version

there seems to be a free version but I dont know how it works.

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portable minitube alternative:SMTUBE

SMPlayer ( a free "portable" multimedia player with a Youtube (TM) browser equivalent to minitube

version 0.8.3 ( for me on 32bit Windows XP

NB The first time I run it it scanned the fonts on my PC (to support subtitles) and I had to reset where the mplayer executable was (via preferences option in the player)

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SMPlayer Portable
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