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UPX Script? Recompress .jar archives?

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UPX Script? Recompress .jar archives?


UPX is awesome. Extracting .jar files and recompressing them at ultra compressions is awesome, but is there any way to script this to reduce manual labour?

It would be nice to select a folder and have every .exe, .dll and .jar inside it and recursively compressed...

Has anyone made any attempt to do this?


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Coming soon?

If you search for "UPX script" or click on Development in the header above, you will see that this is coming soon.

Step 5: Compression
(Note: A script to compress all the JARs, EXEs and DLLs in a given directory will be released soon.)

So just set back and relax, it will be done when its done.


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Ah OK. Just wondered if

Ah OK. Just wondered if anyone else had made any attempt at doing it?

John T. Haller
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Batch File

I have a set of batch files I use for this that compress all EXEs, DLLs and PYDs using UPX and recompress all ZIPs and JARs using 7-zip (command line). It's specific to my hard drive setup at the moment. I have a pre-alpha of an NSIS launcher that handles this (think along the lines of the Portable Apps Backup wizard with simple check boxes) that generates the batch file on the fly and then fires it up based on what you want compressed. I had planned to release this a while ago but it got a bit sidelined by all the other stuff I was working on at the time. I'll see if I can get this out so people can start using it.

(I'm currently sidelined by working on the server... yet again... to try and improve performance... so much of my life is sucked up by simply keeping this site running.)

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i made an .bat for my

i made an .bat for my own...

just one line Smile

FOR /R "Apps\" %%a IN (*.exe *.dll *.sys) DO upx.exe --best --compress-icons=0 --nrv2d --crp-ms=999999 "%%a"

i have the same folder-structure as in johns suite...

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