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firefox portable on USB slow??

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firefox portable on USB slow??

hi I'm using firefox with success but on a USB key , if I have to save a bookmark it begins to be very slow (2 minutes to save) it's not useful , is it known ????? THX you

John T. Haller
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Ok, first off, what version of Firefox Portable are you using? And how large is your bookmarks file (you'll find it in FirefoxPortable\Data\profile)? What kind of drive are you using? It could just be that you're using a very slow drive and have a large bookmarks file with lots of favicons in it. That combination yields slow response times when working with bookmarks. Also, are you using any bookmarks extensions or session saving extensions?

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are you using any bookmarks extensions or session saving extensions

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I have the same issue

Hey guys,

I have the same issue. I am running Portable Firefox with a 488k Bookmarks file. No custom favicons are setup nor are any bookmark or session saver extensions installed.

I am using a Corsair 2GB Voyager Memory stick (

I have tried a brand new install with no imported bookmarks and it does the same thing. The PC is a USB 2.0 port as well.

I have tried all of the tips on the main FAQ and nothing worked. Any ideas?

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Okay, here's what I do...

I use an ancient 256MB JumpDrive -- gotta be 3-4 years old -- and FFP flies, because I run it in a RAM drive via TrueCrypt.

There are two benefits to running FFP encrypted with TrueCrypt.
1) It's hideously fast, because it runs in RAM, plus you can turn on the cache, etc.
2) If someone steals your thumb drive, it's useless without the password.

So, there it is... THE answer! Biggrin

Now, if tradition holds true, someone will say that's fine, but you need admin priveleges to run FFP via TrueCrypt. This is a fact, but in all the time I've been doing this, I've only ran across one machine where I didn't have admin priveleges.

If you don't have admin priveleges on a machine, you shouldn't be running any USB apps anyway, even if the REAL admin is stupid enough to leave the USB ports open, you know? Wink

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to keep the tradition I'll say you need admin privileges and that only two of the PC's I use give me them, all the others don't.


Steve Lamerton

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Already use Truecrypt

I already use Truecrypt heh. It also does the same thing on a non-Truecrypt folder though.

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