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Please update to LibreOffice 3.6.1

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Please update to LibreOffice 3.6.1


Could you please update LibreOffice Portable to 3.6.1 released August 29, 2012.

(Or 3.6.0, which was released August 8, 2012)

I need 3.6.x on my university studies starting in late August.

Thank you!

John T. Haller
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If you check the Outdated Apps Page, you'll see that it's already building. Both the Normal and All Language versions have been exracted and AppCompacted. Some final changes are being made to the launcher to ensure it doesn't prompt for the Visual C libraries when they are already installed. It should be complete this afternoon and sent to The Document Foundation. Then it takes them a couple days to get it hosted.

In the future, you can always check the outdated apps page accessible from the Development section or pinned in the forum.

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the information!

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3.6.1 is available.

I don't know if it is hosted here yet, and it isn't in the right place on the home page.

Actually, they have updated it now - previously it was available on the site, but you had to go to the main download page:

And then the portable version was below the main version download links.

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