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Application virtualization software?

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Application virtualization software?

I have a lot of software I've written for my own use over the years, mostly C and VB6. These are not portable (mostly due to ActiveX and COM), and I'm pretty darn sure no one else will rewrite those millions of lines of code for me...

So, I need some software to package them neatly using application virtualization.

I have access to ThinApp through work, so I can use that. The legal issues are nonexistent, as it's a legal license, and I will only package my own stuff.

However, I find it a bit awkward to work with at times, so I'd like to ask if there are any better alternatives out there?

Zach Thibeau
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I would personally take a

I would personally take a look at the Launcher Documentation regarding it can be found in the application itself or online via here it's the number one recommended solution.

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Another alternative would be

Another alternative would be thw Winflector software, it is reliable and secure

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