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RightNote Portable, UK's Kalendar

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RightNote Portable, UK's Kalendar

Hi, this is NOT a request for a new app, I just signed up so I could say I was disappointed that my favourite app RightNote Portable didn't come up in a search of those available on this site.

Google RightNote for details, because I don't intend this to be an advert for it. I'll just say that I have created my own personalized PIM on it, with ToDo's, Projects, Memos, etc, in addition to which it contains every conceivable document and bit of data that is on my netbook and desktop computer. I run it successfully in Dropbox, so I can access it anywhere, and I don't have to worry about backing up. The only thing I have to watch out for is if I have it open on two computers at once, when it creates a "conflicted copy". RightNote Portable is low-priced payware with a free trial.

Also I didn't find UK's Kalendar using the Search box. This freeware can be run as portable, and like RightNote above I have also installed this in Dropbox.