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"Add-ons" section for App Directory

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An Apped decision
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"Add-ons" section for App Directory

[not sure if this should go here]

I am aware that some portable apps have extra plug-in/add-on packages for them, such as the Photoshop layout add-on for GIMP or the IrfanView plugins pack. I have an idea for what could possibly be added to the app directory in both the menu and a website: An add-ons section. This would make it much easier to find such packages without having to search through app pages on the site. Would this be a good idea?

John T. Haller
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Can't Yet

Add-ons aren't understood by the platform or updater, just the apps. They also don't have an internal version number that the platform or updater can use to see whether they are installed and whether they are up to date. The GIMP Photoshop layout isn't a true plugin really, just a quick update to your settings, so it's also barely ever updated. Only a couple apps have real add-ons (IrfanView, InfraRecorder, SMPlayer), so it would be a decent amount of work for a relatively small reward.

It does make sense at some point, but I have some higher priority updates that take my time first. If someone else would like to assist, though, I'd be happy to get it implemented.

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An Apped decision
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Okay, I'll stick with finding

Okay, I'll stick with finding the packages the hard way for now.

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Like it

I like the idea and would be willing to help/work on it.
I started by compiling a list with apps that have Plugins:

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