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Can someone make portable Planner 0.14.6 update please?

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Can someone make portable Planner 0.14.6 update please?

Hi all,

I would like to see update of Planner 14.2 to Planner 14.6 there.

I found this page , where was planner 14.2, but 14.6 is better. Much bugs are fixed and I will be very happy if anybody could to do update of it.

Homepage of planner :
Planner for windows :

Thank you.

BTW: Sorry, My english is not good. I am from Czech republic...

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Try posting on the original

Try posting on the original portable app's page. If the person doesn't respond in a couple weeks, then we know that it will be time for someone else to take it over. I hope that the original maker does keep it up for you. Good luck!

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Planner Portable 0.14.6

Hi Ravensun,

on Linux the planner works fine.

But on windows I think the planner is in the alpha status. There are some bugs.

I made this alpha version portable.

If you want you can test the Planner 0.14.6 here:

Maybe you have to start the PlannerPortable.exe in the Compatibility Mode (XP3) on W 7.

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